Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.

Funding your start-up
with SEIS Investment

Build your business at lightning speed with funding from our SEIS and EIS Funds alongside support from the Jenson team and network of experienced advisers.

Our approach

Apart from providing funding we believe the background of the Jenson partners is critical to helping companies achieve their potential. As entrepreneurs ourselves we know what it takes to start, build and exit innovative businesses.

As a fund we add significant credibility to your company and this can help when negotiating partnerships, future investment rounds or an exit.

Services &

We provide a comprehensive support package for the investee companies, which include but not limited to, Sales & Marketing, Corporate Governance and Accounting, designed to nurture the investee company to flourish.

Evaluation of SEIS and EIS funding suitability

From the moment the Investee Company submits full documentation to the Jenson SEIS & EIS Fund, the business plan and opportunity will be evaluated to establish whether this type of investment opportunity is suitable for the Fund

Completion of Due Diligence reporting

Once SEIS and EIS funding is actively being assessed, Jenson Funding Partners will help streamline the investment process with the Investee Company and the Fund Manager, dealing with the due diligence investigation and reporting requirements which fulfil the funding obligations.

Financial and operational support

From the start of the business relationship, with an Investee Company, the input and advice from Jenson Funding Partners
is expected to add value to the business. The attendanceof a Board Advisor at board meetings and any additional services underline this general advisory role.

Maintenance of SEIS and EIS tax status

Jenson Funding Partners will monitor the Investee Company’s progress and make sure all of the relevant HMRC applications and communications are completed.

Business Development Support

Jenson Funding Partners, through various members of the team, will monitor the Investee Company’s performance going forward and help the business to grow and achieve its business objectives. By having a dedicated Board Advisor involved, you will have a full range of business support services including considerable financial and operational input, general management and strategic advice.

Additional Funding Requirements

Jenson Funding Partners will be monitoring key performance indicators (“KPIs”), results and cash flows carefully, including the evaluation of future cash flow requirements. If additional funding is required, there will be a considerable amount of due diligence information and reporting history available to help further funding efficiently if required.

Systems development & upgrades

At Jenson Funding Partners, there is in depth experience of systems development ranging over aspects of business and financial reporting systems. Fast growing companies must embrace system changes and improvements to ensure they remain on top of their business. The Jenson Funding team can help the Investee Company with this process.

M&A and other corporate activities

As a company grows, corporate opportunities may arise which will enable a company to substantially increase its size and market presence. The Jenson Funding Partners can help plan, negotiate and implement such corporate transactions using the experience and support of the Jenson Funding team.

Exit planning and completion

Preparing for an Investee Company for the eventual exit begins early in the investment process. The Jenson Funding Partners have experience of realising investments and we will help advise, negotiate and manage the process for the Investee Company.

Your application

step 1


We review your business plan and ascertain if your application can be progressed, we will then meet with the management team on multiple occasions to determine if the opportunity fits with our investment objectives.

step 2

Selection and conditional offer

For businesses that meet investment objectives, the management teams are invited to present their investment opportunity to our Review Panel who then make conditional offers of investment to successful companies.

step 3


Companies who accept our condition offer then undergo due diligence which consists of commercial, financial, technical due diligence and includes anti-money laundering and governance checks on the Company and Directors.

step 4

Approval and

The management team is invited to present their opportunity to our investment committee who have final sign-off on all investments. Once approved by the investment committee, contracts will be signed and funds transferred.

Check our Company

The Jenson team are interested in hearing from early stage companies seeking funding to expand their business. We have no sector focus but do require businesses to be SEIS/EIS compliant (see below). The following table summarise the requirements under SEIS/EIS. If you think your business qualifies then please contact us with your Business Plan.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits to the Investee Company?

The prime reason is funding for an Investee Company to enable it to grow.

This is an equity investment of up to £150,000 per company if it has been trading for less than two years with gross assets not exceeding £200,000 and less than 25 full-time employees. In return, the Jenson Seed EIS Fund is typically seeking a significant minority equity stake in the Investee Company of around 20% to 30% depending on the circumstances.

This is an equity investment of up to £5 million per company with gross assets not exceeding £15 million and less than 250 full-time employees. The Jenson Growth EIS Fund is typically seeking a significant minority equity stake in the Investee Company of around 15% to 40% depending on the funding, circumstances and performance.

Which companies and businesses are eligible for funding?
Any UK based trading company is potentially eligible for funding but there are certain types of excluded business such as financial services, farming and property. Please review our SEIS and EIS Checklists.
What are the requirements to be met to receive this funding?
There are quite a few procedures to be completed before an investment is made. We will need to work together to complete these quickly and efficiently, especially on due diligence. The process has been summarised to help you through all these stages. Please review our Summary of Investment Procedure.
What will the investment charges be for the Investee Company?
We have worked very hard to keep fees to a minimum. Our investee charges are as follows:
  • Investment Fee – 9.5%
  • Due Diligence Fee – £3,500 + VAT
All fees are only due on successful completion and there are no upfront costs to apply to the Fund.
Are there any other charges once the investment has been completed?
A key condition of the investment is that we are entitled to board representation to help advise you on your business requirements and challenges. This will typically take the form of a Jenson associate joining as the Jenson Advisor. This will form part of the support programme offering shown above however this relationship may expand on flexible mutually agreed terms as the company grows with potential additional fees payable to cover additional services provided.
What if I am not satisfied with the investment and monitoring services?
We have arrangements in place to review any concerns you have during the investment process and you have the right to decline the investment up until completion. After the investment has been completed, monitoring will become a contractual obligation. However, any concerns or complaints will be taken seriously and we will replace the Jenson Advisor if it is appropriate in the circumstances.
Will you help us report to investors after investment?
We expect to report to the investors on progress at least every quarter (we carry out a full valuation exercise on all companies in the portfolio every six months) and we will be preparing investment reports on a regular basis in consultation with the Investee Company directors.
What happens if we need more funding?
We will monitor cash flows carefully and help you secure additional funding if appropriate.
When will you consider an exit and help us achieve this?
Investors must wait for at least three years before the tax advantages are crystallized on selling their shares. There is a business consideration when realising such investments but the general expected timescale for an exit is between five to seven years.
We have considerable experience of realising investments and we will advise and help manage the process for you.

Our products are only offered to selected individuals and are not suitable for everyone. Past Performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Tax relief depends on an individuals circumstances and is liable to change.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.

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