Since the launch of SEIS Fund 1 in 2013 we have invested in over 90 companies and have £15 million assets under management in our diverse portfolio.


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SEIS & EIS Funds



The Funds aim to target exciting new innovative and disruptive technologies to be nurtured alongside existing investment opportunities that require follow on investment to fully exploit commercialisation of a proven business model.


What ‘Funding Gap’ does the Fund seek to address?


Newly established early stage companies face particular difficulty in raising capital, particularly equity to the sum of less than £250,000 because fund managers typically find such investments difficult to assess and manage the costs associated with such investments effectively. From a fund manager perspective early stage companies whilst attractive because of their potential for above average returns, such investments typically require much greater support and assistance than mature investments.

As strategic advisors to all the funds Jenson Solutions and Jenson Funding Partners provide investee companies with the level of financial and operational support normally only available to much larger businesses.

How is the fund structured?

The new fund is a combined SEIS & EIS structure which is designed to provide increased diversification as a portfolio investment. The balance between capital growth, portfolio risk and time horizon is maximised, whilst enhancing the tax advantages available. Our offering allows investors to choose whether they want to invest solely via SEIS or EIS or to split their funds across SEIS and EIS investments. Generally the EIS funds will be invested later into the companies and therefore will benefit from investing in slightly more mature companies.

Jenson SEIS Funds 1 & 2

Foresight and Jenson Solutions have been working together for a number of years. When the government announced the SEIS initiative, it was seen as a great opportunity for both parties to help small growing businesses exceed their potential.

In 2012, Jenson Funding Partners LLP, as an appointed representative of Foresight Group, launched the Jenson Seed EIS Fund (Fund 1) and it was closed over-subscribed at over £5m investing in 35 companies. In 2013 Jenson Funding Partners LLP launched the Jenson Seed EIS Fund 2 which closed at over £3.2m investing in 24 companies.

Jenson SEIS & EIS Funds 3 & 4

Jenson Funding Partners and Fund Manager, Thompson Taraz, worked with Foresight on these funds which saw the introduction of our combined SEIS & EIS Fund allowing follow-on funding for our portfolio of existing companies that had matured. Our 2017/18 tranche in March and is fully deployed. Our 2018/19 tranche is open for investment.

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