Colin Moore

 Board Adviser

After starting life with Barclays Bank and moving to Evan Jones and Sons as Finance Director (a Family owned and run Timber and Builders Merchants) Colin saw his future in Retail. Colin’s career developed through a number of engagements in large corporate environments such as Tesco, The Co-operative Wholesale and Retail Movement, Wal-Mart/ASDA and Watson and Phillip (Scotland).

In 2000 Colin moved to Australia where he ran his own technology business and worked with many large and small organisations at all levels, up to CXO, helping them meet the challenges of changing markets and economic environment. As an example, he worked with Meat and Livestock Australia to help small retail butchers understand their market and how they could effectively compete with the large Supermarkets.

After 5 years at HP Australia and New Zealand (part of Hewlett Packard LLP – a global leader in business process, outsource service provision and delivery of substantial infrastructure projects) Colin has returned to the UK and is committed to pursuing a dynamic approach to business expansion and sustainability, especially in the Small/Medium Retail Sector, to help them realise their full potential and meet the challenges of the changing commercial World they face.

Colin has hands-on experience in a wide range of sectors including Banking and Finance, Retail, Wholesale, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Engineering.

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